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The Enchanter


9-1-1 Doesn’t Solve Every Problem

What daft wanker stepped in it now? That’s the first thing that goes through Dorian Devil’s mind when his phone rings, and he puts his own life on hold to fix someone else’s screw-ups.
One call, that’s all anyone ever gets from this enchanter, and Dorian neither makes exceptions nor believes in enabling people not to protect themselves. In order to repair the situation, he must erase the client’s existence from everything. Friends, family, employment… Lovers. Heaven forbid any part of their life is complicated—Dorian doesn’t do complications.
Fledgling vampire, Seth Kohler, on the run in Denver, makes his one call to Dorian, unsure of what will happen to him once he raises the paranormal 9-1-1. Turning everything over to Dorian, Seth has to trust in the powers of the Enchanter. Seth, not knowing who or what is hunting him, latches on to Dorian as his personal life support. Will Dorian be able to erase Seth’s existence from Denver or will someone keep on Seth’s trail before Dorian can safely get him to his new life?


Pray Festivaali Never Hits Close to Home

Only a selfish git would interrupt Dorian Devil’s salacious evening plans. Unfortunately, this is one call the Enchanter cannot let go to voicemail. He rushes to Venice, Italy, to save Rolf Kildare, only to find the nightmares have just begun. Saving the injured wolf from poisoned bullets is one thing, but saving all of the city’s paranormals is another.
Hunters are gathering in Venice to party at Festivaali, ridding the ancient city of every paranormal inhabitant, and Dorian can’t let the genocide go unanswered, especially after he learns a powerful magic is involved. Unfortunately leaders are fighting each other… And Dorian… And everyone, because they’re afraid, instead of listening to the Enchanter with the magic and means to stop the genocide.
The bloody fools will get them all killed.
Calling on old allies and new acquaintances, Dorian races the countdown to save all those he can. But will it be enough or will the streets of Venice no longer be packed with tourists and instead be littered with dead bodies once the hunt begins?


Saving One Can Keep Hundreds Safe

With the Venice pack still in his life and the blasted wolves treating Dorian like their errand boy, he doesn’t handle the disrespect well… Especially after his three estranged brothers drop a major bombshell on him. They need help with a mess of their deceased father’s making and now that the real devil is gone, there’s a chance Dorian could have the family he’s always wanted.
That is if the sexual tension with Mikas, his pseudo-therapist and very straight wolf who occasionally makes out with him, doesn’t kill him first. Hell, the dance they’re in to see who takes the fearful leap first past their boundaries is both exciting and exhausting. Dorian’s favorite type of activity.
In the midst of all this, Dorian is severely injured while aiding the elves. As he recovers, he finds out that the family is in more trouble than he thought.
Can Dorian straighten out his love life, attend to the elf threat, and save what’s left of his family before things blow up beyond even his power?


Justice Is Swift; Betrayal Can Be Lethal

Dorian’s heart was the one thing off limits. That was the rule. Physical injuries? No problem. He jumped in to save anyone and everyone. He’d never fall in the traps for his heart many had set for him over the centuries he was on his own, alone… Always alone.
And yet he gave his heart to another. Mikas, the werewolf he trusted who broke through his walls, finally made him fall in love. And played him for a fool all while Dorian’s taking chances with his family, opening to let others in and move forward from his past.
Makes a guy want nothing more than to fall into the nearest bottle and tie one off. What else is a centuries old enchanter supposed to do during his first heartbreak? The miracle isn’t if he can get over this new, devastating pain in his life, but who might be the ones to pull him back from the edge so he can get back to saving those who were lost, as he once was.


He Makes the Spells; Not the Rules

Tensions are high with the wolves since the retribution Dorian sought against Huntas father and son. Many are taking stands on which side of the conflict they will be on if things escalate. But that’s the last thing Dorian wants, knowing now more than ever all the paranormal species need to come together against the true threat against them.

Months of work has paid off and they finally have some insight into the depth of America’s knowledge and its detainment facility. Nothing should distract anyone from the horrors they’ve now seen happen there… Especially since responsibility should fall on every elder’s shoulders for not protecting their people.

Dorian’s life is never as simple as one thing at a time though and when he learns word of the last skulk of silver fox shifters asking for sanctuary, he dives into crazy once again to save them. No one’s luck runs forever and being smart can only get a person so far. This might be the time Dorian can’t escape danger with his vast power alone.


Not Everyone Can Be Saved

As more and more people learn the true tortures Dorian endures to use the magic everyone wants from him, his vulnerabilities come to light. Add with that his latest attempt to do good has backfired, and what makes him the Enchanter seems to be slipping away… Right when his naive and fledgling coven needs his protection the most.
His family tries to handle everything Dorian does to show they’re with him, trying to remind him that he is a person worthy of love and not simply his magic. But how does one take a holiday when there is so much to do and they’re the only person who can do it? Or is this their way of saying he’s not even needed?
When an old friend calls on Dorian for a rescue, he’s dropped into a situation like none he has faced before. The question isn’t whether he will help or not—he always does—but if the situation will bring back the enchanter everyone loves or break him for good.


Nothing Is For Sure In Battle Except Pain

There are lines that should never be crossed, like torture without reason or experiments for insanity. When Dorian learns that the paranormals taken by the American government aren’t being killed as all their leaders thought, but enduring horrors most couldn’t stomach to watch, there is no doubt in his mind a battle is coming.
Battles can lead to a war, one he’s not sure they can win so easily, and that means finding allies. Leaders on all sides are divided, arguing about who’s responsible instead of focusing on what steps to take, which leads Dorian to seek out an ancient darkness very few know where to find much less speak on it other than rumors.
Nevertheless, Dorian never has only one thing on his plate, and it’s not only Mikas on his mind but a bit too much “help” he has to clean up after. But there is still always someone to save, even if they have cat eyes and scrumptious ears. And what the bloody hell is going on with people saying they thought he was dead?

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