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Open Ended Voyage

Recapturing The Illusion

Not Available Through Your Travel Agent

After six years of never going anywhere, nor getting time to do what he wants, Jonah Mendel is taking a vacation. Needing time away from his demanding job and boss, he decides to finally lose his virginity… Fine, he isn’t a virgin but after a six year dry spell it feels like it.
What better way than a two week, exclusive, invitation only cruise where giving fantasies is their forte?
Part of Whistler Maddos’s job as first mate of the Open Ended is to ensure every guest receives what they are promised. And for Jonah that is the time of his life. But Whistler can’t help wanting Jonah as well… Good thing both desires aren’t mutually exclusive.
While making sure the ship and all the extracurricular activities aboard run smoothly, Whistler focuses on teaching Jonah all about paranormal, learning what else there is to life outside of the office, exploring his sexuality, and about Jonah himself. On what was supposed to be a vacation to remember, not everything turns out sunsets and roses.
When they not only hit rough water but never ending storms at high seas, how far will they go to be together? And will Jonah even be able to survive Whistler’s tutelage without sacrificing who he is?

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