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Leave Sleeping Vampires Lie

There’s a process, strict guidelines in place for how wake him, and a bloodline specifically in charge of the task and taking charge of Kallikrates. Instead, a stranger comes for him, brings him the sustenance he needs, and intends on leading him on a new crusade. When he emerges from his resting chamber, the world he knew is in ruins. He was allowed to slumber centuries more than normal.

Why? What happened? Where was the breakdown… And what the hell is that steel beast the guide expects him to step into? It all leaves Kallikrate’s head spinning—languages he knew are unrecognizable, there are whole new continents on maps, and answers aren’t being provided.

Yet, somethings never change. Men in power want more of it and to use him as a weapon to get it, treating him rudely. Apparently, they weren’t told, or don’t fully understand, what he is. They will quickly learn their place in life or they will die by his hand and he will simply search for answers on his own…


Getting Caught Up On Centuries Takes Time

Almost six centuries have passed since Kallikrates went to rest, and in that time, so much has been lost; his love, his home, his guide family’s knowledge to help him… What does he have to stay awake for? A promise he made to the man he loved but could never have a real future with?

The world around him is nothing close to what it was. Clothes he once wore are now something called costumes, jokes for parties. And all he seems to do is annoy Remy, the descendant who is to guide him but never knew the responsibility fell on his shoulders. If he’s not complaining about Kallikrates building his stable in shorts, he’s refusing to learn how to cook or unwillingness to clean.

He’s a bit busy getting used to everything people of this century take for granted, like showers. And when a startling development finds them in the form of two teenagers sent to find Kallikrates in the hope he’ll save them, learning how to use the blasted dishwasher seems trivial. 


The World Has Grown And So Must He

Kallikrates has done a lot since awakening. Freeing Remy from the snakes around him poised to attack. Rescued two cubs who would have ended up slaughtered like their parents. Even saved a struggling business that a talented designer owned. Not to mention more people all over the world from the terrorists he’s wiped out.

It’s his methods though, that make people shiver and call him a monster.

Still finding his way in this new world, a bigger world than when he’d gone to rest, he also has a lot of pain to work through. Centuries passing didn’t make the love he felt for someone now long dead disappear. Nor has the fight with his eldest brother, who he desperately wants to reconcile with… But have the centuries changed him too much? Is he any longer the man Kallikrates loved and looked up to?

And is trying to fix an old hurt worth risking the family he’s building? He’s not sure, but he has to believe that it’s the right thing to do even as Christof tells him the same from beyond the grave. 

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