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Seraphine Thomas

Accidentally Wolf

Gives New Meaning To Workplace Injury

Special Agent in Charge Seraphine Thomas lives for her job at the FBI. One of the youngest female agents with her own team, she thrives in undercover work to make the city she loves safer. But Sera’s on-track life is thrown into chaos when she’s attacked during a bust gone bad and is left figuring out what it means to be a werewolf.
Right away, she learns that she’s more powerful and able to do things that she shouldn’t be able to do so quickly after her transition. The rules of her old life don’t seem to apply to much now that she’s a shifter, and knowing who she can trust is even more complicated.
When she’s transferred to a special branch of the FBI made up of paranormals policing others of their kind and given a promotion, things start looking up—until her abnormal level of power creates a list of enemies for her before she’s even learned who her allies are.

Allure of the Wolf

Learning To Be A Wolf Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Seraphine Thomas, division chief of the FBI and newly made rare siren wolf lycanthrope, makes it through her very first lunar cycle, but that isn’t the only thing on her agenda. To get the agents at MNSTR up and running to her standards, Sera encounters an uphill battle against FBI protocols and personnel she used to respect.
Even as everything starts to work out in her favor, Sera discovers she has way more to learn about being a wolf, embracing her siren, and dealing with her men than she ever thought possible. Add in trying to find a murderer before more bodies show up in downtown Chicago, and she’s got an overflowing plate.
But apparently life wanted to add extras and when she finds out more hideous traditions in the pack, Sera can’t ignore her moral code, no matter who or what she is now.  Fighting for the people who need it leaves one clear path everyone sees for Sera but her. Oh, she’s Alpha enough to take over… But will she still be the Sera Thomas she knows if she does?

Siren's Battle

The World Has Grown And So Must He

Now Alpha of the Chicago werewolves and the first female one in North America, Seraphine Thomas has more on her plate than she can handle or wants to. Engle had to go, and while she’s glad the threat to everyone in the city—both humans and paranormals—is dead and gone, now there is a huge mess to clean up. Not to mention the challengers that will come assuming she isn’t strong enough to lead the pack.

And still she doesn’t have field trained agents in her office. As she works on fixing that situation, while making sure they get experience as well as training, crimes committed in Chicago won’t take a time out because she needs one.

When another group of shifters needs saving, she’s not only needed as FBI but Alpha as well, even if it means upheaving her entire life. But chaos brings out the best or worst in people, and now is the time Sera finds out who is truly with her and loyal or who will stand beside her no matter what comes. The terrifying question is... Will there be anyone left standing after trouble blows into town?

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