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Bedtime Stories


When the man Golden grew up loving as his father sells him into slavery after his mother’s tragic death, the sheltered Golden must leave all he knows and travel to the dark Withering Woods.

Boris, the oldest of the three bear shifter brothers who bought Golden, makes him want to escape every time he opens his mouth. Boone’s gentle companionship is a welcome relief from Boris’s roughness, but Bash, the youngest, wants nothing to do with him, which might not be such a bad thing considering Boris and Boone want Golden every second… On his back.

Boone seems to be just right, but can Golden fall in love with a man who owns him? If he could, would Boris stay away from Golden’s bed… And would Golden want him to?


Some fairy tales don’t have actual fairies…And never one that looks part monkey, complete with tail. But that’s what a Grogoch is, and their magic is nearly limitless.
Cuidighteach soaks up attention like a sponge. Securing the attention he craves, he trades magic for sex, even though people see him only as what they desire. He might appear as a busty woman or a brawny man, but only someone who loves him will see his true form.
Finbar’s down on his luck. He thinks he finally has the chance at a real home after inheriting a small farm from his wicked aunt, but his dreams shatter when he sees the place. Then, a gorgeous man who happens to have a tail offers to help, and Finbar’s life starts looking up.
But will Finbar be able to accept the way Cuidighteach lives his life, or will his heart get broken?


Taji hated hiding out in horse form, but it beat the way people treated him when he was a man… Letting anyone find out he was a bayard was even worse. He’d escaped from the beatings a few times and refused to risk it again.
But Taji is intrigued when four handsome brothers purchase him from his current owner to help on their farm. Callum, Dromio, Ansel, and Brix treat him and each other like kind men should, and it doesn’t hurt that each one is gorgeous.
At night he starts shifting into human form and helping out… Much to the brothers’ confusion. When he stumbles upon Callum one night, he can’t help but offer himself to one of the men he’s falling for.
The problem is he just doesn’t want one of them. He wants to please all the brothers, but will they be willing to share?

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