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Colosseum University

McCready Crest


Leaders Pick Pawns and the Education Begins

Colosseum University—in this arena, paranormals of different species battle to climb a caste system the rest of the world doesn’t even know about.
Students are taught it’s a fight to the death to survive, humans who dare visit will probably get eaten by more than lions… And two men may enter, but only one can finish first.
Long ago, packs, covens, and the rest of a failing social system were done away with. Instead, crests were implemented, to sprinkle the species equally, while also forcing each new generation to spread their wings, and parents, who might never die, from forever controlling their children.
And for someone like Doyle McCready, who knows he’s nothing but a pawn to his parents, the only way to be free of them is to build a crest strong enough… Even if it’s full of issue-laced people like himself. It’s not like Doyle would risk what they’ve built on a whim when he’s committed to their current path. What man would do something as foolish as that for a gorgeous stranger?


Gambits Might Gain Members… Or Heavy Losses

Colosseum University—in this arena, paranormals of different species battle to climb a caste system the rest of the world doesn’t even know about.
Freshmen learn the process of crest formation at the selection proceedings before the school year even starts. But what about when a trade needs to be made? A member hates their crest so much they’d give their soul to get away… Or if they fell in love?
Unlike other crests, Doyle McCready’s doesn’t judge or label people for what they are, simply their potential and drive. In a world where the sins of the parents literally follow the children, that means something.
And for someone like Jericho Grimes, being in Doyle’s crest is the safest place for him. As an outcast, Jericho fights every day to prove himself—while pretending not to watch someone he hasn’t kept his eyes off for three years. When he gets an in with the one he wants, the smartest man in the crest won’t risk everything to have an affair with a teacher. Will he?


Captured Obedience Sometimes Bites During the Game

Colosseum University—in this arena, paranormals of different species battle to climb a caste system the rest of the world doesn’t even know about.
In a modern society, what better way to prove who is at the top, and to battle in some ways as the gladiators of old, than in collegiate athletics? It’s certainly a perfect outlet for the more aggressive impulses some of the students, especially the more animalistic ones, have… But not all their urges since there’s a limit to what network TV will air.
Even if the pack structure which shifters once lived by no longer exists, the leader and Alpha bloodlines didn’t simply vanish. It’s a fine line for Dexter Oleander between having the scent of strength that others are drawn to—that can be an advantage to a crest leader—and being so powerful that your presence is seen as a threat for leadership of a crest.
He’s been able to keep it under wraps for so long, but with a new freshman stalking him, will his dominant side take over and cause problems he can’t fix?

Thorwald Crest​


Watch Out From All Sides

If a system is flawed, is it better to fight against it or work within it to cut out the evil that corrupts so much else? To do just that, Diego Thorwald has spent years fooling everyone into thinking he’s a heartless, spoiled vampire who cares for few, much less humans who are food to him. Then again, that was all part of the plan.

The first person to learn the truth is the last person who should help Diego in his time of grief, given Professor Aeneas is a man with a complicated past, wrapped in regrets and issues, standing on a mountain of his own secrets. Life is rarely simple, though, and walking away from someone hurting has never been his style.

Both men are only used to people lying to and cheating them to get what they want. Is there a way for them to see each other as allies when surrounded by foes without turning on each other as well? Or will they admit they’re more to each other than tasty blood and animalistic sex?


Pushing Everything Down Doesn't Help Anyone

Major Ensele would do anything for Diego, his friend, crest leader, and savior… Even deal with his lover’s digs and insults that hurts their longstanding relationship. Protecting and serving his crest is what gets him out of bed in the morning as they are his family, which means everything to him as an orphan ward to the kelpie royal court.

Brysen Thorwald fell for Major years ago, the sexy kelpie always in front of him and never within reach. A blown-up misinterpretation makes ever being with him a pipe dream. But with the never-ending stress of secretly combining crests and opening companies right under everyone’s noses, sometimes that dream is all that keeps Brysen going.

But when they finally take the chance to move forward, to do what’s best for the crest and maybe each other, the day Major has dreaded for years looms over them. Will Brysen risk everything they’ve been building to rescue Major from the horrors of fairy court or does he have to stand by and watch the man he loves be abused?


Reassessing Is necessary To Move Forward

Foster Taher went through something horrific that led to a torturous year he couldn’t escape. A banshee who found his scream—and thus abandoned by everyone and everything he knew—has nowhere to turn to, and he never forgets that or his loyalties to Diego for saving him. 
Pierce Maddos has been looking for his best friend and first love for years, running into dead end after dead end in his search.  A fire demon who lost himself when his parents transferred him to a new school to keep him from the one he loved, he finally pulled himself together when his team brought him in, always with the goal to fold into Diego’s crest.
But when the two meet again years later and have different accounts of what happened the last time they saw each other, the whole crest is thrown into turmoil. And while Foster wants nothing more than to put Pierce and the past behind him, he can’t help but ask the question on his mind… What if he was wrong?

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