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In My Dreams


Authors Dream Of Their Happiness Too

Gas station coffee is the highlight of Lily Slone’s boring outing until fate intervenes… Along with the barrel of a gun and a lost soldier who saves her life.
Jasper Huton—a homeless Marine, discarded by his family after returning home from the war wounded—reacted on instinct. But this one act brings him to Lily’s attention, and not because he saves her life. She sees something else in him. Something no one else sees.
Refusing to give up on him when everyone else does, Lily offers Jasper a place to stay and an opportunity to get back on his feet. That one offer will change her world. When they grow closer and Jasper makes Lily’s life so much easier, she’s not sure she can go back to living without him.
As life moves forward and they get into their own rhythm, Lily discover something about Jasper that he’s kept hidden. Will she continue to reach for her happily ever after or will they both remain wounded?


Why Choose Only One Dream?

Nina James, a well-loved author, finds out how far one fan will go to help her. When that fans turns out to be a vampire… Well, how weird can it get? Far weirder than Nina probably cares to admit.
Conall Brightmore, is all a thousand-year-old vampire can be—intelligent, gorgeous, and he wants nothing more than to support Nina. When he steps into her life, taking over in ways Nina hadn’t expected, she fears she’ll lose herself in the process. He thinks he’s helping her by changing her entire life, but it creates nothing but more pain. Nina has already lost far too much in her life to let go of anything else. But where does she need to cut her losses?
Nina can’t handle that. How is she to create what comes from inside of her if she’s no longer herself? She can’t. Will Conall be able to accept who Nina is or will they both end up alone?


Some Dreams Come in Threes

Cara Quinn wants her own happily ever after, not just those she thinks up for her characters and plot lines. When her neighbors and their bratty children move away, Cara wonders what type of new neighbors she might get. Will they be just as bad as the first? Or will a gorgeous younger man that’s into her take up residence?
She gets not one, but three.
Lovers for years, Teak, Cyprus, and Aspen can’t help but be excited to meet their new neighbor. Cara is exactly what they want to complete their family. Now they just need to get Cara to see things their way. After everything that has happened to her, Cara doesn’t want to jump into anything with the trio—hesitant to ruin their friendship she treasures.
Aspen, Cypress, and Teak go out of their way to woo Cara. They do everything they can think of to help her, but are reluctant to fully let her in. But their good intentions backfire and they may not be able to find a way out of their mess.
When Cara learns more about the trio, will they be able to ever have a chance at being together or will they all remain broken?
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