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Warrior Camp

Love's Deceit

Older Doesn’t Always Mean Wiser

Dimitri Anslow has been in love with Alexander since he came to the warrior camp as a twenty-four-year-old pre-transition trainee. Fifty years later, he finally has the perfect plan to be with Alexander, at least physically.
After their life changing sex, Alexander tells Dimitri that he doesn’t love or want him. Crushed, Dimitri tries everything he can to forget the man, jumping from guy to guy. As Alexander gives him mixed signals, Dimitri tries to come to terms with the fact that his mate may never be his.
Can Dimitri move on from the one that owns his heart or is there something worth fighting for?

Love's Indecision

Sometimes The Teacher Needs To Be Schooled

Matteo Dominguez spent centuries performing his duty with honor and dedication, never letting anything sway him from his responsibilities. When Nate Hathus comes into his life as a pre-transition warrior, everything Matteo has worked for is put into jeopardy. Matteo desires Nate more than he does anything in his life, even his duties as a warrior instructor.
When Nate seduces Matteo, he’s helpless to stop the man, his heart and libido leading him down a path he’s afraid may lead to his destruction. Nate has yet to go through his transition and the feelings he has now may not be those he has afterwards. Matteo agrees to see where things lead despite Nate’s assurance that he will still care for Matteo no matter what.
But when Nate’s transition doesn’t go as planned, Matteo is faced with a terrible decision. Does he save Nate’s life and risk having a mate who might not want him? Or should he risk losing the only man he’s ever loved?

Love's Denial

Love is Difficult… Ruling Can Be Deadly

As a warrior of his race, Yuri Stanalovic has always completed each assignment as expected, regardless of his needs or feelings. So, when tasked with a mission requiring his special gift, Yuri immediately accepts and heads out to France. The Grand Duc Dominic Reynard Courtland Aldrich spent most of his life in the best boarding schools in England preparing to fill the role of heir to the throne. After his parents were murdered as a child, Dominic lived a lonely life, without love. Spending most of his life heeding the council of his parent’s advisors, Dominic began to lose his true self. When Yuri discovers the life of the Grand Duc is in his hands, he wants nothing more than to keep Dominic safe. But can love prevail when it has been denied for a lifetime?

Love's Abuse

People That Love Us Abuse Us The Most

Rune Freeman fears he’ll never be a free man with the past he can’t seem to escape. Allowing others to hurt him is his only source of relief from the demons that haunt him, but it has to be someone who cares about him… And someone who does couldn’t hurt him that way.
Helios Reynell knows Rune is different even before he officially meets him. Helios doesn’t want anyone to know he’s undercover at the camp or that he’s feeling more than he should for the damaged tech geek. With rumors of distrust and traitors, Helios must put an end to what’s happening or a chain of events could start that cannot be undone.
When Rune can’t take any more abuse and breaks down, no one can seem to get through to him. Can Helios heal Rune while attempting to determine what is going on at the camp, or will Helios be what finally pushes Rune’s past his breaking point?

Love's Neglect

Perception Is Flawed When Dealing With Love

Sometimes you can’t see what is in front of you until it is too late. That’s the lesson Roarke Lendar learned the hard way. After being stationed at eight warrior camps, he finally transferred to the one in Nowhere, Wyoming. There, Roarke did what was necessary to establish himself among the warriors in the camp and climb the ladder to the job he wanted.
Wally Abram wants Roarke no matter what face the crude and dismissive warrior shows to everyone else. As a post-trans, Wally attempts to learn anything and everything all at once, but suddenly finds himself distracted. As Wally chips away at Roarke, he doesn’t know that it will lead down a road of hurt and betrayal. When the worst happens, Wally shuts himself away from everything and everyone… Especially Roarke.
Roarke attempts to make things right between them. Unfortunately, the damage may be too great. Will the two warriors be able to fix what happened between them, or will they allow their relationship to die from love’s neglect?

Love's Confinement

Love Doesn’t Always Set Someone Free

Ashton’s security, Evan leaves the warrior camp for South Dakota. But Evan isn’t prepared for what he finds on the councilman’s ranch.
Nothing stands out more than a refurbished bomb shelter, but what was meant for protection has been Theodore Ashton’s cell for the past six month. To make things right, Evan calls in his friends and offers his strength to Theo as the vampire works through everything thrown his way.
Embattled on two different fronts, Theo tries desperately to hold on to everything he needs—including Evan—to survive his traumas and undo the considerable damage his father’s done. Will one rival from his past destroy everything Theo has built and take it all away, while an enemy from his not so distant past convinces everyone that Theo isn’t who and what he says he is?

Love's Distance

Absence Can Do Much To A Heart

Camp medic, Sam Gatewood, had feelings for a blond-haired pre-trans, even though he knew better. Inexplicably drawn to Bowie Shade, Sam helped him years ago, in his time of need, but when Bowie attempted to take things further, he told him they should wait until after Bowie’s transition to warrior, that some distance will put the line they almost crossed into perspective.
But the feelings never went away.
Bowie took his hurt heart and devoted his energies to his warrior training, giving himself some distance from thoughts of Sam. Unfortunately, one of his first assignments outside the camp puts him directly in Sam’s path—the only man he has ever wanted. But maybe during a mission isn’t the best time to have the discussion about how they feel… What could possibly go wrong?
Even though absence is said to make the heart grow fonder, it doesn’t for Sam and Bowie. Will they learn to get on the same wavelength and look beyond hurt feelings, or will the distance between them grow past where they can reach for each other?

Love's Delusion

Reality Isn’t Always Standing Before Us

Techie Gilroy Selden doesn’t enjoy going on the supply runs—except for the non-camp food. He’d much rather stay in the safety of the command center, and when his gut screams they shouldn’t be out past dark… He hates that he ends up being right. 
Xana Hiro, a giant among the warriors, takes the steps necessary to ease Gilroy’s turmoil… Even if it adds to his own. But things are never simple when dealing with matters of the heart and delusions. After years of hoping that Gilroy would notice him, Xana attempts to do what he can to help Gilroy get through and process everything that has been thrown at him.
But Xana isn’t the only warrior wanting to comfort and be there for Gilroy and he has no problem reminding Gilroy how badly Xana messed up. Even if Gilroy can see that Xana’s love for him is real and makes the right choice—will he ever be able to look past Xana almost killing him?

Love's Entanglement

The Past Complicates Anything We Let It

Months after the Zakasacs attack the camp, Norris Adley is doing everything he can to get through the day-to-day and back to the program where he will actually learn something. He’d always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and during stressful times that’s where he takes sanctuary—in the camp helicopter. Unfortunately, Philo Sutton, the warrior in charge the chopper, finally catches Norris in the act. Norris, in his socially awkward fashion, runs his mouth and gets himself further in trouble with Philo.
Not sure what’s really been going on at the camp, Philo’s got more than a few questions as to why this post-trans is in his space and messing with his things. Normally a quiet person, Philo decides that helping the group is better than keeping his past private, so Philo shares his family with the residents of the camp and somehow agrees to take on Norris as a student. Can Philo keep his personal, family, and teaching lives separate, or will everything become part of love’s entanglement?

Love's Misconception

Experience Doesn’t Always Teach What’s Right

Normal doesn’t describe the lives of most vampires compared to the outside world, but London Aberdeen is especially queer… Pun intended. Gay son of a councilwoman, embarrassment of his well-to-do family, and tainted warrior. That’s who he is in Seattle, so when his family’s solution is to send him to Nowhere, Wyoming, he doesn’t fight it, looking for a fresh start.
Except then he walks into a nightmare of people wanting him to rat on his last camp and others with old scores involving his mother trying to be settled through him. Hell of a first day.
Drake Shannon needs only one glimpse of London to appreciate he’s someone spectacular. Sure, maybe he lures the new warrior in with the dogs he trains, knowing everyone opens up at the love of furry friends. But Drake’s insightful like that and quickly realizes London hasn’t had much normal. Which is why when London’s past comes back to haunt him, all Drake wants to do is help. But will misconceptions of what love is ruin everything?

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