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Wolf Harem

Second Chance Bite

Spencer Fallon never knew werewolves existed until he was attacked by one, making him a werewolf. For years, he lives a lonely life until he sees a gorgeous man limping in front of him one day.
Ryder Jenkins’ life is a disaster. Kicked out of his house at sixteen when he came out to his parents, Ryder caught a ride to New York. Having no ID, birth certificate, and being underage, limited his options. When a guy offers him a place to stay, Ryder thinks his luck has changed… he couldn’t have been more wrong.
Six years later, Ryder’s knight in shining armor shows up in the form of a sexy hot werewolf. Can Ryder trust another stranger promising him a better life? Or is the devil he knows better?

Spencer's Secret

Spencer, Ryder, and Luc think they are starting to adapt to their new lives together, until the Alpha of a local pack gives them two options: join or move. They decide to pack up and relocate to an area where they can live their lives without the influence of werewolf politics.
On the way, they see a homeless man missing part of his leg, trying to thumb a ride to a new life. Ryder talks them into pulling over and allowing the stranger, Dean, to hitch hike with them. But when they later walk in on Ryder and Dean having sex, Spencer fears he’s losing the first man he ever loved.
And will Luc even stay with him once he finds out who Spencer really is? Or did Spencer just move to a new state, inviting Dean to stay with them, to end up all alone?

Dying Assassin

The Wolf Harem series continues, and Ryder and Luc are desperately trying to help in the aftermath of the bombing. They call on pack leaders for help and resources to aide Spencer and Dean.
While Luc focuses on helping their men, Ryder works on the cover-up, to hide every possible detail which could potentially reveal their true identities to the human police.
As they work through the situation and fear losing the two men they love, there’s one mystery they must solve—who hates them enough to send a bomb intended for murder?

The Final Addition

In the last book of the Wolf Harem series, all questions will be answered. Five will now become six, but will he be invited to their bed?
Dallas showed up for the wrong reasons, and Spencer biting him was an accident in the sense he didn’t realize it meant life or death to the man. While Dallas is trying to follow the rules of his new pack, adapt to a life with actual friends, and make a home, everyone else is working hard to build a true family. It’s not been an easy journey in any way but one they are all better off for taking.
The last surprise of the series… Who makes a special guest appearance?

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