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Hounds of Hell

Avoiding Hell's Gate

They Just Come To Collect… It’s Nothing Personal

Stryker Magnus is born into a life no one would ever ask for, pray not to have even. But working for Hell has its perks, such as immortality, and Stryker’s far from evil. He’s really just the delivery man who hates his job.
Rafe Damas lives a lonely life, ignored by his only remaining family—his father. When Stryker and his brothers walk into his life, he’s in shock to learn the hounds of Hell are real… And they are there for him.
But when Stryker goes from trying to take his soul to Hell to protecting him, Rafe starts to fall hard for the man. How could he not for the man who rescued him and is helping him to see all that he’s missed in life?
When he realizes Stryker has a jealous temper and there’s much more going on than Rafe was told, he starts to wonder if he made the right decision to trust Stryker. Even the chance for love—no matter how difficult it may be—has to be better than ending up in Hell, right?

Switching Teams

Working for Heaven or Hell Is Equally Problematic

Promoted from keeping an eye on the planet to saving souls, Castillo has to uphold the agreement between Heaven and Hell, protecting the balance between good and evil. Tasked by Gabriel, he must now track down the demon that used a loophole to steal innocent souls. There is one big wrench in the plan, well three. Castillo’s two Hellhound mates and one big dose of humanity. And as the first angel to ever mate, he’s on his own.

Hellhounds Jared Magnus and Rhyce Sethos aren’t sure how to handle their thousands of years’ old virgin angel mate, let alone track a demon and save the world.

Misconceptions and hurt feelings early on in their relationship keep the three mates from connecting. All that aside, the three must work together to find a way to help the innocents in danger of ending up in Hell and starting a catastrophic chain reaction. Will they survive the obstacles in their way, still be able to handle a new job, and adjust to switching teams?

Fighting Insanity

Life Is Crazy, Fighting Hell is Insane

Tierney Macfayden, newly appointed hound of Heaven, is prepared to do whatever he can never to work for Hell again and to live with the pain it caused him. Tasked with finding all the betrayed souls, these hounds have a new purpose in life. But after saving the first hundred souls, they needed to create a home for those they helped.
Kicking and screaming, Kellan Short refuses to believe the story a kidnapper tells him about saving his soul. He’s an atheist for crying out loud! Seeing Tierney, and truly wanting someone for the first time in his life, Kellan can’t believe it. His stepmother’s manipulations warped him into trusting no one, and he denies that Tierney is real.
Tierney wants to be there for his mate, but how do you help someone that believes you are a figment of their imagination or a drug-induced hallucination?
By continuing to be there for him.
Will they ever truly be together, or will they forever be fighting insanity?

Defeating Fear

There’s Always Something To Fear…

For three years, Feodor Markova has helped the other Heaven hounds and angels wherever it is needed. Not liking to be in charge, or very good with others, he does all the solo tasks necessary. The only bright moment is when he gets to look at one of the saved souls, a teacher. Pining away for someone he can’t have, he doesn’t realize in all these years that his mate is there with him.
Right under his nose.
Joel Sweet loves being an English teacher—it’s who he is. Never mind the fact that he lusts after one of the hounds and has been for a while. What should have been a happy beginning to a happily ever after, isn’t. Joel has too many insecurities to vocalize what needs to be said.
Feodor only wants what the others have. The love of his one true mate. Unfortunately, things don’t turn out the way he hopes. Both men are too afraid to speak up, and a chasm forms between them. Letting their individual fears win.
Can they bridge the distance that’s between them or will the new upheaval in their lives, the demons, family and friends keep them from defeating fear?

Becoming Family

Mating a Single Dad Requires Lots of Patience

New York Police Lieutenant Eugene Harris thought he’d seen it all when on the force. The good, the bad, and the evil. He never once believed it would be so close to his doorstep. Having men with red eyes break into his apartment would have been too much for anyone, but now he had to come to grips with angels and demons being real. His daughter’s safety depended on it.
Ronan Macfayden falls head over tail for Eugene, and his daughter, Ruthie. He does whatever he feels Eugene needs help with. Spending weeks at his side, getting the new security staff for the compound up and running, he hopes Eugene will see him for who he truly is. It only takes a conspiring nine-year-old to nudge them into the right direction.
The two fight to keep the others safe and their relationship on the right path. But the hellish dangers continue, threatening everyone and everything within the compound, calling into question the security in place. Will finding friends once thought long gone stop Ronan from what he truly desires? Will the demons or other obstacles keep Ronan, Eugene, and Ruthie from becoming family?

Calculating Interactions

Complicated Pasts Plus Unknown Futures Equal Unstable Outcomes

After years of being confined to the school and the surrounding grounds, Sandro Thompson tries to make little joys like hooking up extra chocolate and booze for his friends when deliveries come in. A math savant and head of the department, he doesn’t always interact well with people, but the souls like him—they’re more than people… They’re his brothers.
Dagfinn Lundberg, retired Hellhound, does everything he can to fight the good fight, the battle he believes the angels should be in, which also leads him to keep to himself. When recently acquired visions drive him into action, he never expects to encounter his mate. Weighed down with baggage, trust issues, and rusty communication skills, it’s no wonder Dag isn’t welcomed with open arms by anyone.
But someone who speaks in math and variables paired up with a man who doesn’t talk to anyone much isn’t the best match. Can Sandro use that genius head of his to calculate their interactions better or will Dag have to take a leap of faith and simply tell Sandro how he feels?

Absorbing Tutelage

Sometimes the Student Is the Lesson

Everett Townsend hasn’t asked much from the other saved souls running the schools, or connected with most people there either… It might have something to do with his parents having sold his soul to Hell. Fed up with feeling like cannon fodder in a war he’s at the core of, Everett needs to take back some of the control that he seems to never have had in his life.
Geirfinn Lundberg follows his visions right to where his younger brother just ended up. But as glad as he is to catch up with Dag, it’s the man with the two different gray eyes that he can’t get off his mind—and promptly puts his foot in his mouth when they meet. Needless to say, Everett wants nothing to do with an ass like that, but he wants the training Geir offers.
And apparently he’s going to need it because the visions aren’t over.
Can he get past what Geir’s done to put distance between them and finally open his heart or will what’s to come be their undoing?

Securing Forgiveness

Two Centuries Isn’t Enough Time To Forget

Petro Markova, youngest of the Markova Hellhounds, had spent years ensuring the estate was safe for everyone, from firewalls to actual security systems. Unfortunately, keeping his own heart and soul secure was something he wasn’t able to do. When the source of his heartbreak returns, Petro knows he can’t live in fear at the compound and he sure as hell can’t trust his mate.
Malfinn Lundberg seems to always greet Petro with his fist and has turned into a man that not only his brothers can’t recognize, but the angels who have known him for centuries. He has to be going feral, right? No one can come up with any other explanation for his erratic behavior, though the reason for his fixation with the youngest Markova sets the entire estate in an uproar.
But figuring out how to cure Mal is only half the battle. Who would blame Petro for being unable to get past his fear and go anywhere near Mal again… Let alone forgive him.

Building Evolution

Even Plans From Heaven Hit Snags

The smallest and youngest of the Lundberg litter, Oddfinn, finally joined his brothers at the compound, with the Lundberg treasures in tow. Though he’s the runt, he’s fought against the demons in his own way and somehow collected a small family of fighters that he taught all he knows. A socially inept genius, he is unsure of how to go about inserting himself into the established community and making the changes needed in order to save everyone… Including his mate.
Seth Mitchell has spent his years behind the security of the gates, never really sure what the big plan is for the saved souls. When the youngest Lundberg arrives, he’s immediately taken with the offbeat Oddfinn. Seth can see the hound’s generous, caring heart, even when others just seem to think he acts, well, odd.
With outside forces trying to break into the compound and change the world as they all know it, will Oddfinn and Seth be able to save everyone while making each other a priority enough to see if they can be together?

Changing Paths

People Set the Bar on Self-Worth

Landan Almeric is forgotten by everyone at the estate besides his grandmother, forced to languish in the pits of landscaping hell. Though originally left with mess to make order of, Landan actually enjoys turning the shed into his private workshop and building what’s needed… That’s the part he’s good at after all. It’s the damn mowing he hates.
Taylor Sethos joined the blessed knives project, but has too many other responsibilities to be the Malfinn Lundberg’s blacksmith apprentice. Besides, the guy already has someone in mind. Taylor just has to go pick him up for the interview—while keeping his hands to himself because Landan is tempting enough to break the “no touching the virgins” rule for.
After one hot night, Taylor’s morality blows everything they might have had and crushes Landan. But fate is too cruel to let that be the end of it. Will the paths their changing lives are moving towards pull them further apart or can they come back together with the help of interfering friends?

Purifying Fate

Life Can’t Be Scrubbed of Heartache

Boris Markova, the eldest of his litter, follows his mate around the estate, unknowing how to approach him. Finally making contact after weeks of stalking, Boris endures accusations of fleas before being vacuumed like a cheap rug because he sheds. But Boris can’t be mad—he likes how his mate blurts things out whether they be good or bad.
Qbert Durriken is known throughout the estate as the germophobe cleaner. He doesn’t care, but that’s why he’s shocked when a hound starts following him around… And ends up knowing his name. Appreciating what it might mean, Qbert hopes they’re mates, and he plunges in, wanting to be happy. Boris overlooks the OCD compulsions, wanting a life with the sexy man—even if he washes his sheets the moment after they make them dirty.
Unfortunately, as Qbert focuses on purifying their budding relationship, trying to believe in fate, he drives a wedge between them. But can he see what he’s done before he loses Boris or will he stay blinded to what they both need to make their mating work?

Shrinking Illusions

Some Decisions Change More Than History

Some decisions change more than history, and for one archangel, Chamuel, he lives with the heartache of that choice. Sent to Earth to find out information, he encounters a gorgeous man who distracts him from his task and ends up being his normal grouchy, egotistical self.
Anastasius Yale fought to stay at the estate where his brother was rescued to. Not related by blood, their bond is just as strong, especially after losing their parents. So when a narcissistic archangel shows up demanding answers and throwing salt in old wounds, he has no problem telling the guy off and hopes never to see him again.
Then again even a psychologist needs a guardian angel to heal a wounded heart.
Actions have consequences though, and when rules aren’t explained first, a night of passion ends with an unknowing pledge and tough choices ahead. Can Anastasius look past the archangel and simply see a man he might be able to give his heart to or will he let his old resentments banish Chamuel to a life without him?

Wrenching Traditions

Everything Can’t Be Fixed With Tools

Designing a complex revolving gate system is something a mechanical savant like Garnet Reynard thinks up in his sleep… Being able to explain it in a way people could actually understand without his nerves getting the better of a geek like him is the challenging part. At least he’s got outlets for those times, like riding his tricked-out ATV at breakneck speeds.
Which is how he happened upon some dirty hound sex going on in the woods and is caught peeping. Clayton Arnold is all too happy to find the sexy stranger who can’t seem to get his mouth to work. When they meet up again and Clayton hears Garnet’s voice, things get complicated and exciting fast and there’s not a very good way to let Garnet in on the change in their status.
Right, because keeping the secret of being mates has ever worked out well. But when a life-threatening accident happens, will they take the chance to fix what’s wrong or will it wrench them farther away from the love they both want?

Unraveling Certainty

Attraction at Times Battles with Convictions

Listening to saved souls read Shakespeare isn’t exactly how Hellhounds have found their mates up until now. However, Canice Macfayden would stay in shifted form, sniffing everyone intimately, if it helped find his mate. When the recording works, he’s not allowed to race off and meet his mate because of the new rules. Fine, great, it’s easy to be patient after waiting over three hundred years.
Torihiki Graham can’t believe the hound who needs a hearing aid is such a pushy jerk that he won’t wait for introductions until the workday is over. After explaining there’s been a mistake—on Canice’s part—because he’s straight, Torihiki just wants to put the whole mess behind him and deny anything they ever did.
It’s no wonder Canice can’t let go when Torihiki says one thing and acts completely different, though the games being played are getting to be too much for him. But when the angels discover something about Torihiki that practically cripples him with fear, will Canice step up and be a mate no matter where they stand?

Hounds in Therapy

Let The Healing Begin

Fighting in the war between Heaven and Hell can be stressful and taxing on any relationship, but when mated, fated to be together as chosen by God, there’s some extra pressure. Possibly? Definitely. And when they can’t leave the estate for fear of the demons always lurking just off the property to snatch a saved soul trying to bring about the apocalypse, well, it makes getting some time away from their mate a bit difficult.
Or keeping everyone else out of their relationship when in such a tight community. Then again, maybe talking to someone is needed. Maybe not Lucifer, who Ana turns to, trying to help his archangel mate, but someone qualified. Ana simply needs them not to all show up over the course of a couple of days and throw his schedule out the window… Along with Dagfinn Lundberg?
What kind of therapy is going on here? Will any of them survive getting help, or will Ana be the crazy one after they’ve all gotten their problems off their chests?

Confronting Home

Not Everyone Has A Loving Family

Tristan Magnus has longed for his mate since he learned there was someone out there especially for him, granted by God to be soulmates. He loves his brothers, but they’re a litter, sharing everything, even their jobs, so the idea of something just his, a love fate would give him was what he dreamed of for years. When he wins the lottery for the next listen at Garnet’s genius, he can’t even sleep he’s so excited.

Barry Lowell didn’t receive sanctuary like others did by coming to the schools, instead bullied and picked on for years. He manages to find a good friend at least, even accepting the grief was part of the big picture when he learns they are Nephilim, finding purpose in the pain he survived and diving into the training. All of that changes when Geirfinn Lundberg “introduces” him to his mate. 

But when they have a history Tristan doesn’t remember, one stupid moment that spiraled out into torture for his mate, do they even have a chance to see if God was right about them?

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