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Hounds in Therapy
Confronting Home
Siren's Battle

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   Broaden: Crusader #3

Working On

Karma #1
Warrior Camp #11
Hounds of Hell #17
Seraphine Thomas 4 & 5
McCready Crest #4
Dr. Kelly Murphy #3
Crusader #4
Shifting Reality #5 (On hold for serious plot problems)
About Erin/Flynn/Joyee

Flynn/Erin/Joyee is a born Chicagoan who decided to state hop a bit, given she works from home. She currently resides in Georgia with her pup, Lord Vader Flynn. With an eclectic and addictive personality, there isn’t much that doesn’t interest her or she won’t pour herself into if it catches her fancy. She has always been interested in the darker aspects of life and mythologies—especially vampires, shifters, the occult, and anything paranormal.

To date, she has published more paranormal books than she can keep up with the characters for, in different genres with dedicated readers who await each release to her numerous series under any of the three Flynn names she writes.

2017 Releases

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